Sunday, November 25, 2007

June is here :)

So, I went in to get induced on Wednesday at 7am. Well, I went in and they started me out on Pitocin.... everything was going great contractions wern't horrible, but I was dilating incredibly slowly. Finally a couple hours later, I was at 3cm and my doctor was able to break my water.
Well, contractions went from nothing really to being every 2 minutes and lasting for about 50 seconds. Well, I tried to stick up with that as long as possible... and I got checked about an hour later, and had still only dilated another half a centimeter.
That's when I opted for an epidural.... It was awesome!! I just couldn't handle the incredibly strong contractions and not dialating fast enough. Well, finally around 9pm... (14 hours later) I was still only at 9cm and this was with contractions coming every 30 seconds or so. The kiddo kept changing positions, and they kept putting her back in position, but it wasn't happening. Finally, they realized that she probably wasn't going to fit. So I had to have a c-section. Not exactly what I had in mind... but I was just happy to getting something productive done.

So, she was born November 21st at 9:48pm, was 7lbs and 1oz, and was 21 inches.

I am so incredibly in love, she's adorable... and when John got here he was wiping away a few tears. It was so cute.

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