Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I got divorced today. John never turned in the answer paperwork, so I finally had him served... yet he still didn't do it. So, I went down to the courthouse and got a default judgement today. I'm tired of waiting for him. I have been trying to get together with him to talk about custody for three weeks... and after this last weekend, I am through arguing. I didn't technically have to give him any over night visits since the kids are under three, but I did. John gets the kids the first, third and fifth weekend of the month. No extended visits. After they're three, the standard visitation order goes into effect. I think that's pretty fair. I also didn't ask for back child support. Even though he hasn't helped me with crap. Although, he did pay the car payment this month, so apparently I need to pay him back for that. It's not happening though.
Anyway, after I got all the divorce stuff done today, I attempted to call John. He sent me a text message saying he was sleeping and that he would call me back later. I texted back saying that I was just letting him know that we were divorced, he owed child support starting tomorrow and it was his weekend with the kids this coming weekend. Needless to say, he shit a brick. He was not happy that I didn't let him know I was going to court. I told him that it wasn't my problem that he didn't take care of his legal obligations. I'm not his mama. LOL He's just pissed that he can't control me anymore. I'm not going to sit around waiting for him. The kids deserve some normalcy, I deserve some normalcy.
He's also really pissed about how much I asked for in child support. I've asked him several times how much he makes and he's absolutely refused to tell me. Although, I'm not stupid. He works nights at a strip club barbacking. He get's tip outs from all the chicks. He was bragging about making $300 the other day. I don't feel bad for him. I simply used last years W-2 for him and calculated it from that. So, he owes $480.16 a month. I really think that's reasonable considering how much I spend on the girls and living expenses.

Anyway, I'm really sad that it had to come to this. I still love him so much. But I'm not going to do it anymore. I deserve better. I just wish that the person that I loved wasn't such an asshole. I'm so disappointed that he doesn't even want to take care of his kids. I'm not talking about financially either... hell, he couldn't even bother to go to court to turn in an answer so that we got custody down correctly for everyone.

When will my heart stop hurting? I miss the person that he used to be so much.